The 5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Harris County: A List of High-Crime Areas

Harris County, Texas, is a large and diverse region with over four million residents and 34 incorporated cities. It’s the third most populous county in the United States and includes Houston, the fourth largest city in the country.

The county is known for its economic, cultural, and scientific contributions, as well as its natural beauty and attractions. However, it faces challenges like crime, poverty, and social inequality, with some areas having higher rates of violent crime than the national average, including murder, rape, robbery, and assault.

We’ve compiled a list of the 5 most dangerous neighborhoods in Harris County based on the latest available crime data from 2019:

5. Acres Homes

Acres Homes Located in northwest Houston with about 24,000 residents, Acres Homes is one of the oldest and largest African American communities in the city. It struggles with poverty, unemployment, and lack of infrastructure. The violent crime rate here is 16.8 per 1,000 residents, four times the county average.

4. Sunnyside

Sunnyside Sunnyside is in south-central Houston with around 22,000 residents, known for producing notable figures in politics, sports, and entertainment. However, it faces challenges like low education levels and environmental hazards. Its violent crime rate is 18.6 per 1,000 residents, also four times the county average.

3. Greater Fifth Ward

Greater Fifth Ward Located in northeast Houston with about 23,000 residents, Greater Fifth Ward is one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods. It deals with poverty and unemployment, and its violent crime rate is 19 per 1,000 residents, four times the county average.

2. Gulfton

Gulfton Gulfton, in southwest Houston with around 50,000 residents, is highly diverse and densely populated. It faces challenges like overcrowding and substandard housing. The violent crime rate here is 19.4 per 1,000 residents, four times the county average.

1. Greenspoint

Greenspoint In north Houston with about 66,000 residents, Greenspoint is a major business district but also suffers from high crime, poverty, and homelessness. It has the highest violent crime rate in Harris County, at 21.6 per 1,000 residents, more than five times the county average. It’s sometimes nicknamed “Gunspoint” due to its reputation for violence.


In conclusion, these neighborhoods have higher rates of violent crime compared to the county average, but it’s essential to remember that crime can occur anywhere. Being cautious and aware of your surroundings is important when visiting or living in any neighborhood.

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