Oshi No Ko Chapter 123 Release Date Spoilers and, Where to Read?

With the release of the final episode of the anime, Chapter 123 of “Oshi no Ko” is once again creating a buzz across the internet. Recent information about the upcoming installment indicates that Aqua and Ruby are growing closer to each other.

In the previous storyline, Aqua discovered that Ruby was actually Sarina, who had come back to life. He tried to take care of her, but she no longer referred to him as her brother. This article contains spoilers for the events that unfold in the manga series “Oshi no Ko.”

Within this article, we will delve into Oshi No Ko Chapter 123 spoilers, the release date, raw scans, and much more. If you desire comprehensive information, please continue reading by scrolling down.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 123 Spoilers: What to Expect?

Following the events of the previous chapter, Aqua and Ruby may engage in a discussion regarding their plans in Chapter 123 of Oshi no Ko. They will probably also touch upon their intended course of action during their conversation.

Consequently, readers can anticipate Aqua disclosing all the information he possesses about their father to Ruby. The Hoshino brothers could potentially join forces to reveal their father’s actions to the public.

Is Ruby Wants To Get Married?

Upon hearing Ruby’s words, Aqua placed her hand on Ruby’s head. Aqua stressed the importance of individuality, stating that Ai is Ai and Ruby is Ruby.

She advised Ruby not to fabricate stories and encouraged her to follow her path, emphasizing that there was no need to believe everything Ai said. Overwhelmed with emotions, Ruby cried even harder and sought comfort by burying her face in Aqua’s chest.

A sense of unease gripped me as if my stomach and chest were constricting simultaneously. Each lie seemed to distance me further from the right course. Sensing my distress, Aqua soothed me by gently patting my head.

I’ve mentioned this before: you are the child I once mistreated. Despite the pain that filled the hospital room where you were born, your eyes remained bright, filled with unwavering hope.

On that day, you radiated like the sun, and love shone brightly alongside you. Ruby, you are the most important person to me. People have caught glimpses of a girl with crow-like features peering through the window.

Let’s gather our strength, Ruby. This will enable us to film the movie according to your vision. Perhaps this is the juncture where your role as a hero takes a significant turn. However, seeking revenge would not suit someone like you. At this point, I can’t help but feel a profound sympathy for you.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 123 Release Date and Time!

Following the hiatus, the Oshi no Ko manga has resumed its regular publication schedule. Consequently, readers worldwide can anticipate the release of Oshi no Ko chapter 123 on Wednesday, July 5.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 123

For readers in Japan, the subsequent installment will be available on Thursday, July 6, at 12 a.m. JST. However, the release date and time will vary depending on your location. The next part of Oshi no Ko will be released globally at the following times:

Time Zone Date Time
Pacific Standard Time July 5 7:00 am
Central Standard Time July 5 9:00 am
Eastern Standard Time July 5 10:00 am
British Standard Time July 5 3:00 pm
Central European Time July 5 4:00 pm
Indian Standard Time July 5 8:30 pm
Philippine Standard Time July 5 11:00 pm
Australian Central Standard July 6 12:30 am

Oshi No Ko Chapter 122 Recap

In Chapter 122 of “Oshi no Ko,” titled “Doc,” Aqua Hoshino had a revelation that Ruby was actually Sarina reincarnated. After attempting to calm her down, Ruby concluded that Aqua wasn’t her brother. Aqua agreed with Ruby’s assessment and started referring to her as Sarina during their conversations.

Sarina had forgotten her initial aspiration of becoming a star, but Aqua helped her regain those memories now that she was no longer confined to the hospital. Consequently, Aqua urged Ruby to let go of any thoughts of revenge.

When Ruby heard Aqua speaking to her in the manner of Doctor Gorou Amamiya, she realized that the doctor had returned in the form of Aqua. Overwhelmed with emotion, she immediately embraced him.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 123 Raw Scans!

The unprocessed scans for Chapter 123 of “Oshi No Ko” are currently unavailable, adding to the excitement and curiosity surrounding its release. Fans eagerly await a glimpse of the upcoming chapter, but unfortunately, the untranslated version remains undisclosed and unreachable.

While we patiently await the official release, the anticipation intensifies, creating suspense for the moment when the secrets and treasures of Chapter 123 of “Oshi No Ko” will be unveiled to everyone.

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Where to Read Oshi No Ko Chapter 123?

Fans can access chapter 123 of “Oshi no Ko” on the MANGA Plus app by Shueisha,. This app provides access to the complete storylines of various manga series. It’s important for readers to note that they can only read a specific portion once.

To read the manga, fans either need to purchase Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump magazine or wait for the chapter to be included in a Tankobon book.

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Oshi No Ko Chapter 123 is generating excitement online with its portrayal of Aqua and Ruby’s evolving relationship. The chapter delves into their discussion about their father and their future aspirations. It is scheduled for release on July 5 in different time zones. Readers can enjoy it via the MANGA Plus app or in the Weekly Young Jump magazine.

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