San Antonio Police Apprehend Bank Robbery Suspect, Recover Stolen Money

SAN ANTONIO –A man has been arrested and is now in custody following a bank robbery that took place on Monday morning, as reported by the San Antonio police.

The suspect, identified as Mathew Flint, 27 years old, has been charged with aggravated robbery.

The incident occurred at around 10:45 a.m. in the 7500 block of Wurzbach Road.

According to the police, Flint entered the bank and brandished a gun that he had concealed in his waistband. He then proceeded to hold the bank teller at gunpoint while demanding money. Additionally, he was seen wearing brass knuckles during the robbery.

Complying with the demands, the teller handed over the money to Flint, who promptly fled the scene on foot.

Subsequently, investigators conducted a thorough search of the area, reviewing surveillance footage obtained from the bank and nearby establishments. It was during this process that they were able to locate Flint at his apartment, which was in close proximity to the bank.

During the search of his apartment, the police managed to recover the gun used in the robbery, as well as a significant portion of the stolen money, according to the San Antonio Police Department (SAPD).

Flint was apprehended without any resistance.

KSAT will provide further updates as more information becomes available.

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