Teen Assault Investigation Underway in York County: Latest Updates!

An investigation is currently underway regarding an assault involving teenagers in York County. According to information obtained by Channel 9, the Lexington County Sheriff’s Office is handling the investigation and has filed a police report.

The report states that the assault took place last Friday and was reported to the authorities via a 911 call. The caller, who identified himself as the father of one of the victims, explained that his daughter was staying at a residence on Lake Murray with a few friends who subsequently assaulted her.

The father described the incident as involving alcohol consumption, physical attacks, and the dragging of his daughter. The sheriff’s office report, shared with Channel 9, contains details suggesting the existence of a video capturing the assault.

The Clover School District sent out a notice to families, urging parents to teach their children the importance of avoiding escalating conflicts.

According to the police report, one of the girls involved claimed that the other three girls had placed her under a blanket, making it difficult for her to breathe. She further alleged that her friends assaulted her and dragged her across the room.

The investigation into the incident is ongoing and being handled by the Lexington County Sheriff’s Office. While the case remains open, the community in Clover hopes for a thorough investigation.

“One person shared with Channel 9’s Tina Terry, ‘Please be careful about who your friends are because, unfortunately, you can’t trust everybody, and sometimes the people you trust the most can be the ones you can’t trust at all.’”

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