Texas Mail Carriers Face Second-Highest Rate of Dog Attacks Nationwide

A recent report by the United States Postal Service (USPS) reveals a concerning trend in Texas. The state ranked second in the nation for dog attacks on mail carriers in 2023, with 411 incidents reported.

This represents a year-over-year increase, highlighting the importance of dog owner responsibility.

Houston topped the list of Texas cities with the most dog attacks on mail carriers, recording a significant 56 incidents. Dallas followed closely behind with 39 reported cases as per to the source spectrumlocalnews

These numbers pose a safety risk for postal workers and underscore the need for preventative measures.

“Dog attacks can not only cause serious injury to mail carriers,” said a spokesperson for the USPS Southwest District, “but they can also have negative consequences for the dogs involved.

Responsible pet ownership practices are crucial to ensuring the safety of both mail carriers and our furry friends.”

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The USPS emphasizes the importance of proper leash training and secure enclosures for pets.

By implementing these measures, Texas residents can significantly reduce the risk of dog bites and promote a safer mail delivery experience for everyone.

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