Texas Rail Advocates Push for Funding Ahead of Legislative Session

Texas rail advocates are intensifying their campaign for state funding of high-speed and conventional rail projects as the January legislative session approaches.

This week, the Rail Passenger Association and Texas Rail Advocates convened an online briefing to underscore the urgent need for investment in rail infrastructure.

Peter LeCody, President of Texas Rail Advocates, highlighted several key initiatives, including ongoing corridor studies, TxDOT’s Rail Plan, and the collaboration between Texas Central Railway (TCR) and Amtrak. Find the source at texasrailadvocates

They aim to establish high-speed rail connectivity between Dallas-Ft. Worth and Houston. LeCody emphasized that funding challenges, particularly due to political disputes, have hampered progress in previous legislative sessions.

“In the 2023 legislative session, we had a rider requesting $200 million for the Texas Rail Relocation and Improvement Fund.

Unfortunately, a political disagreement led to the removal of budget riders for any funding from the General Revenue Fund, causing us to miss out on competitive federal grants,” LeCody explained.

The briefing highlighted the critical role of rail infrastructure in easing congestion, reducing emissions, and providing efficient travel options.

Advocates argue that investing in rail will not only enhance connectivity within the state but also bring economic benefits through job creation and increased tourism.

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As the legislative session nears, rail advocates are calling on lawmakers to prioritize rail funding and support initiatives that will propel Texas into a future of modern, efficient transportation.

The push for investment comes at a time when federal grants are available, presenting a crucial opportunity for Texas to advance its rail infrastructure.

With continued efforts and legislative support, Texas rail advocates hope to secure the necessary funding to make high-speed and conventional rail projects a reality,

Providing residents with enhanced travel options and bolstering the state’s transportation network.

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