Trump’s Milwaukee Comments Spark Controversy

Former President Donald Trump caused a stir on Thursday by reportedly insulting Milwaukee, the host city for the upcoming Republican National Convention.

According to PunchBowl News, Trump referred to Milwaukee as a “horrible city” during a closed-door meeting with House Republicans.

This remark prompted a flurry of responses from Republican lawmakers, who either denied or tried to clarify Trump’s comment. As per to the sources businessinsider

Wisconsin Rep. Bryan Steil initially refuted the report on X, stating, “President Trump did not say this.” Later, he suggested that Trump was discussing specific issues within the city, such as crime and election integrity, not the city itself.

A spokesperson for Steil further muddied the waters by suggesting that no one took notes during the meeting, so it’s unclear if Trump used the words “Milwaukee” and “horrible” together.

They emphasized that Trump was criticizing crime and election issues in the city, not Milwaukee itself.

Contradicting this, Trump campaign spokesperson Steven Cheung labeled the report as “total bullshit,” claiming Trump was addressing issues of crime and voter fraud.

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The controversy quickly reached Wisconsin, where local Democrats and the Biden campaign defended Milwaukee.

Wisconsin Rep. Gwen Moore, whose district includes most of Milwaukee, sarcastically invited Trump to discover the city’s vibrant community once he “settles in with his parole officer.”

Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson also fired back, referencing the difficulties of Trump’s presidency and turning the criticism back on him.

As the Republican National Convention approaches, Trump’s remarks and the subsequent denials have added an unexpected twist to the political preparations in Milwaukee.

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