Two Women Arrested for $34,000 CVS Theft Spree Across Alabama

Two women have been arrested and charged after allegedly stealing more than $34,000 in merchandise from 12 CVS stores across Alabama.

Rosanna Imelda Bita and Ana Maria Larisa Bita were apprehended following a coordinated effort by multiple police departments.

The Cullman Police Department reported that the two women entered two CVS stores in Cullman on June 12, 2024, and stole $4,330 worth of merchandise. Evidence collected led investigators to connect the women to similar thefts in other locations. As per to the source wbrc

On June 13, authorities from the Homewood Police Department located and detained the suspects based on vehicle descriptions and license plate information provided by Cullman investigators. The suspects were subsequently arrested.

A search warrant was obtained to inspect the suspects’ vehicle, where authorities recovered a substantial portion of the stolen goods.

The investigation revealed that the women had committed thefts at 12 different CVS stores, amassing more than $34,000 in stolen merchandise.

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The suspects have been charged with two counts of organized retail theft and are facing additional charges in multiple counties across Alabama.

The swift collaboration between police departments was crucial in apprehending the suspects and recovering the stolen merchandise.

This arrest highlights the importance of inter-departmental cooperation in tackling organized retail theft and bringing offenders to justice. The investigation is ongoing, and authorities are working to ensure that all involved parties are held accountable.

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