Valley Mills Boy in Coma After Lightning Strike: Family’s Struggle!

VALLEY MILLS, TX -After being hit by lightning with his father just over two weeks ago, a Valley Mills boy is still in a coma. Matthew Boggs, who was 34 years old, died in the freak accident, and his 6-year-old son, Grayson, is still in a coma at Baylor Scott & White McLane Children’s Medical Center in Temple.

Matthew’s mother, Angela Boggs, is also Grayson’s grandma. She is still upset about the death of her son, even though Grayson is in a very bad way. “I just feel empty, lost, and numb,” Boggs told KWTX. “On Monday, they tried to take out the vent to see what would happen, but it didn’t go well. “It had to go back in.”

Boggs says that in a few days, doctors will try to take Grayson off the ventilator again. If that doesn’t work, he may need a tracheostomy. As for how badly the 6-year-old will be hurt in the long run, doctors won’t know how bad it is until he is no longer sedated.

Angela Boggs, Grayson’s grandma, said, “They did tell us there was brain damage and that it was permanent, but they didn’t know how bad it was.” During this hard time, the neighborhood has come together to help the family.

After the accident, the ambulances tore up the Boggs’ driveway, so their friend Korey Parker has been fixing it up for about a week. Parker says that the road is now done because people gave gravel, tools, and their time.

Valley Mills Boy in Coma After Lightning Strike: Family’s Struggle

Korey Parker, who lives next door to the Boggs, told KWTX, “I’ll do anything I can for them right now.” “I can’t believe how fast the project went and how everyone pitched in to help. Living in a place like this makes me happy.”

The Boggs say that they could not be happier.

“We don’t have to worry about getting stuck every time we go in and out of our driveway,” Grayson’s aunt Rhonda Lawrence said of her new driveway. “That’s no longer a problem. It is a very good thing.”

The next problem the family has to deal with is getting their house ready for wheelchairs.

Boggs said, “We need to find a home that is ready for a wheelchair because I’m sure that’s what will have to happen.” But Parker says he’s up for the task and has already offered to help in any way they need.

“They have my phone number,” said Parker. “As soon as they’re ready, I’ll be here with groceries, trailers, tools, and people. They will have everything they need.” Those who want to help can get in touch with KWTX, and we can put you in touch with Parker.

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