Alaska Cruise Passenger Hit with $2,000 Medical Bill for Seasickness

An experienced cruise passenger, Diana, was shocked to receive a $2,297 bill after seeking medical care for seasickness during her recent Alaska cruise on the Norwegian Bliss.

Despite using a scopolamine patch, Diana fell ill during rough seas on the first night of the voyage. In her viral Reddit post, she described feeling “sick as a dog” and eventually seeking help from the ship’s infirmary the next morning.

The onboard medical team provided IV fluids and anti-nausea medication, which Diana credited with saving her trip.

However, the relief came at a steep cost, with charges including $219 for clinic admission, $109 for a pulse oximeter reading, and $131 for three IV bags. As per to the source cruisehive

Diana, who had travel insurance, noted she wasn’t overly worried about the expense.

Nonetheless, the substantial bill sparked outrage among Reddit users, who criticized the high medical fees charged by cruise ships.

Typically, passengers must settle medical bills before disembarking, though those with travel insurance, like Diana, can seek reimbursement from their provider.

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While Diana’s seasickness was an unexpected hiccup, she emphasized that the rest of the cruise was “fabulous,” offering a reminder of the unpredictable nature of sea travel.

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