Green Sea Turtles Trapped in Jetty Rocks as Storm Hits Texas Coast

GALVESTON, Texas — Tropical Storm Alberto is causing trouble for green sea turtles along the Texas coast, whipping up big waves that are trapping the turtles in jetty rocks.

Juvenile green sea turtles, which feed on algae growing on the jetties, are particularly vulnerable. “When high tides come in with storms like today, they might get wedged in those jetty rocks,” explained Paige Breon from the Gulf Center for Sea Turtle Research.

Mary Kay Skoruppa, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Sea Turtle Coordinator for Texas, emphasized the urgency of the situation. Find the source

“Once a sea turtle is wedged between the rocks, it’s impossible for them to get out without human help,” she said. Trapped turtles risk developing pneumonia from inhaling water and infections from shell abrasions.

Authorities are urging the public to report any trapped turtles by calling 1-866-TURTLE-5 (1-866-887-8535).

“It’s crucial to report them immediately so trained responders can recover and take them to a rehabilitation facility for medical treatment,” Skoruppa added.

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Residents are advised against attempting rescues themselves. “While the urge to help a sea turtle might be strong, please refrain from any direct interaction,” Skoruppa said. Reporting promptly makes the public a vital part of the rescue efforts.

Green sea turtles, also known as “nature’s lawnmowers,” play an essential role in maintaining healthy seagrass beds, which in turn support various marine life.

As the storm continues, conservationists are working diligently to ensure the safety of these endangered creatures.

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