Albuquerque Man Faces Over 80 Years in Prison After Violating Plea Deal

Josef Tony, an Albuquerque resident, is now facing a significantly longer prison sentence after violating his plea deal in a murder case.

Initially, Tony pled guilty in April to two counts of first-degree murder, armed robbery, and other charges related to a 2021 incident where he shot and killed Aerial Mallam and Jessica Lucero during a robbery at the Aztec Village Apartments on Montgomery.

As covered by krqe the part of his plea deal, Tony was facing up to 34 years in prison. However, his situation took a drastic turn on May 25 when he picked up new charges for escaping from custody, thereby violating the terms of his agreement.

This violation has now extended his potential sentence to more than 80 years.

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The violation of the plea deal has intensified the legal repercussions Tony faces for the 2021 murders. He is scheduled to be sentenced in October, where the court will decide on the additional time to be added to his original sentence.

Tony’s case underscores the severe consequences of violating legal agreements, particularly in serious criminal cases. The upcoming sentencing will determine the final outcome for Tony, who now faces decades behind bars.

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