Bosque County Sheriff’s Office Cracks Down on Lake Whitney Activities: Recent Operation and Ticket Issuance

BOSQUE COUNTY, Texas—In recent weeks, The Bosque County Sheriff’s Office has received numerous complaints about incidents and behavior at the cliffs and other areas on Lake Whitney.

Sheriff Trace Hendricks has stated that reports have been filed regarding activities such as underage drinking, drug use, and littering by visitors.

To address these concerns, the Sheriff’s deputies, along with Texas Game Wardens and Park Rangers, carried out an operation on Saturday. This operation involved undercover officers and multiple surveillance units deployed at the location.

After approximately three hours of observation, the officers intervened to enforce the observed violations. Several tickets were issued for various infractions, and a small number of individuals were removed from the park.

The Sheriff’s Office emphasizes that their aim is not to hinder anyone from enjoying the lake and parks but rather to ensure that all visitors can have a peaceful experience.

People are encouraged to come to Bosque County and have a good time, but they should do so while showing respect and behaving responsibly. Sheriff Hendricks assures that the Sheriff’s Office will continue to patrol the lake throughout the summer season, and visitors can expect similar operations in the future.

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