Albuquerque Man in Coma After Brutal Attack: Family Seeks Answers

An Albuquerque family is grappling with a devastating incident after their father, Tim Roberts, was brutally attacked at a local fast food restaurant. The seemingly random assault has left Roberts in a coma, while his family urgently seeks answers and justice.

The Incident

Tim Roberts was attacked last week at the McDonald’s located at Central and Yale in the University District. According to his family, Roberts, who is disabled and new to Albuquerque, was simply there to order food when the unprovoked attack occurred. “My dad just walks up to the kiosk, asks a question, and a man comes up and punches him in the face,” said Renee Roberts, Tim’s daughter.

Immediate Aftermath

Following the attack, Roberts was initially responsive enough to assist an Albuquerque police sergeant in the arrest. However, his condition rapidly deteriorated, necessitating his transport by ambulance to the University of New Mexico Hospital. Now, Roberts remains in intensive care, unresponsive and in a coma, leaving his family in a state of anguish and uncertainty.

Family’s Heartbreak

The attack has left the Roberts family in shock and distress. “Anything can happen to anyone, suddenly and for no reason,” said Jasmine Roberts, another of Tim’s daughters.

They describe their father as a kind, funny, and down-to-earth individual, who is now fighting for his life. “It’s hard to put things like this into words. You know, you watch your parent get brutally attacked, especially a parent that old,” added Renee Roberts.

Albuquerque Man in Coma After Brutal Attack: Family Seeks Answers

Health Complications

Compounding the family’s worries, Tim Roberts is already dealing with significant health challenges. He is on dialysis and has other health issues that make his current condition even more precarious. The family is concerned about his ability to recover from this brutal and senseless attack.

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Community Response and Appeal for Information

Much of the Roberts family lives out of state, making this ordeal even more challenging as they await answers from the police. They are appealing to the community and authorities for more information about the attacker and the circumstances leading up to the assault.

The family hopes that public awareness and support can aid in bringing the perpetrator to justice and prevent such incidents from happening to others.

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An Albuquerque man is in intensive care after an apparently random attack on a fast food restaurant

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