Albuquerque Woman Receives Probation in Food Truck Shooting

Albuquerque, NM A recent sentencing in Albuquerque has sparked discussions around gun violence and alternative sentencing options.

Ambrosia Mirabal, involved in a May 2023 shooting near a downtown food truck, received a sentence of supervised probation rather than jail time according to the source Yahoo

Court records indicate Ms. Mirabal discharged a firearm while aiming at her child’s father. The bullet, however, missed its intended target and struck an employee working within a nearby taco truck.

This incident understandably caused significant community concern regarding gun violence and the potential for stray bullets.

In March 2024, Ms. Mirabal entered a plea agreement, pleading guilty to a single charge of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

During the sentencing hearing, Judge Bruce Fox opted for a rehabilitative approach, citing Ms. Mirabal’s lack of prior criminal history and her adherence to court orders throughout the pre-trial period.

“The seriousness of this offense is undeniable,” stated Judge Fox. “However, in this specific case, I believe a term of imprisonment would not necessarily serve the community’s best interests.

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By imposing strict terms of supervised probation, we can ensure Ms. Mirabal complies with the law moving forward and minimize the risk of similar incidents occurring in the future.”

The court-ordered probationary period will last for five years. Upon successful completion, the charge against Ms. Mirabal could be dismissed entirely.

This verdict underscores the complexities of the justice system, where public safety concerns are weighed against opportunities for rehabilitation.

The case also serves as a stark reminder of the potentially devastating consequences associated with impulsive gun violence.

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