Are Colby and Madlyn from ‘The Ultimatum’ Still Together?

If you’ve watched the latest reality dating show on Netflix called ‘The Ultimatum’, you might be curious about what happened to the couples who had to decide between getting married or moving on after a trial marriage with someone else.

One of the most dramatic stories revolved around Madlyn Ballatori and Colby Kissinger. After dating for a year and a half, they gave each other an ultimatum. While Colby was ready to settle down, Madlyn had doubts about their compatibility.

The show documented their journey as they lived with different partners for a month, testing their relationship and exploring other options. Madlyn had a trial marriage with Randall, during which she realized that her relationship with Colby had numerous issues. She found him annoying and felt he was a poor listener.

On the other hand, Colby had a trial marriage with April, and their connection was more platonic, although they did share an intimate moment on their last night together.

Things became even more complicated when Colby admitted to having an off-camera affair with a woman he met at a club. Furious, Madlyn walked out on him during their final date before decision day. She expressed her frustration, stating that she couldn’t marry a man who couldn’t take responsibility for his actions.

So, did they end up together? Surprisingly, yes. In the finale, Colby proposed to Madlyn in a romantic candlelit setting, and she accepted. But that’s not all – he also asked if she wanted to get married right away, and she agreed. They had a swift wedding ceremony and celebrated their union.

Madlyn explained that she participated in the show to determine if she was ready for marriage. Although they hit rock bottom, they learned to fight for each other. She emphasized that she wouldn’t have said yes to the proposal if she wasn’t prepared to get married.

But there’s more. During the reunion, the couple announced that they were expecting their first child, a baby girl. Madlyn was seven months pregnant at the time and expressed her joy about being pregnant.

Colby commended her for handling everything so well and mentioned that he had expressed his desire for a baby, and she was open to it.

The couple appeared genuinely happy and thrilled about their future together. They shared pictures of Madlyn’s baby bump on Instagram and expressed gratitude to each other for being incredible partners. They welcomed their daughter on May 5th and happily reported that she was healthy and perfect.

So, there you have it. Madlyn and Colby from ‘The Ultimatum’ are still together, married, and now parents to a beautiful baby girl. They have shown that love can sometimes conquer any obstacle and that ultimatums can lead to unexpected outcomes.

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