Bernalillo County Fire Department Unveils New Hybrid Fire Truck

The Bernalillo County Fire Department has introduced its first hybrid fire truck, marking a significant step toward environmental sustainability and cost efficiency.

Stationed at the Los Ranchos Fire Station, this innovative vehicle operates on both electric and diesel power, offering dual benefits of reduced emissions and lower fuel costs during emergency medical service (EMS) calls.

Captain Issac Rowe highlighted the environmental advantages of the hybrid truck, emphasizing that operating in electric mode eliminates diesel emissions, thereby contributing to cleaner air and a healthier environment.

As per the source krqe his initiative aligns with the department’s commitment to incorporating eco-friendly technologies while maintaining high standards of firefighting capabilities.

During a sneak peek event, KOB 4 learned that the hybrid truck represents a pilot project for the department, with plans to potentially expand its fleet with similar vehicles in the future.

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The introduction of this hybrid unit reflects Bernalillo County’s proactive approach to modernizing its firefighting resources and exploring sustainable solutions in emergency response operations.

As the county continues to assess the performance and operational efficiency of the new hybrid fire truck, firefighters are optimistic about its potential to enhance both environmental stewardship and operational effectiveness.

The deployment of such advanced technology underscores Bernalillo County’s dedication to innovation and improving community safety through forward-thinking firefighting practices.

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