Discover the Diverse Flavors of Southern, Mexican, Brazilian, and Caribbean Cuisine!

The Greta Watson Culinary Arts Center has reopened and is eager to serve a diverse range of cuisine from around the world. Throughout the summer, students will be preparing and serving Southern, Mexican, Brazilian, and Caribbean dishes. This unique experience also provides them with an opportunity to learn in a fully operational dining restaurant.

Martha Rivera, the Lead Culinary Instructor, expresses her excitement about the new group of students and their management of the front of the house during service. She states, “It’s always nice to see the difference in how they run and manage the restaurant.”

Jacob Palacio, one of the students, sees this as his chance to showcase his culinary talents and pursue his passion. He firmly believes that there is no backup plan for him; he is committed to a career in the food industry. His ultimate goal is to become a private chef. In the meantime, he collaborates with his fellow students to deliver a top-notch dining experience to all patrons.

Palacio acknowledges that some students enter the program without any prior experience or knowledge of what they’re getting into. However, he emphasizes the importance of loving the craft, stating that without passion, one cannot succeed in the culinary world.

The restaurant has specific serving days and themes, which may be subject to change:

  • June 30: Southern (BOOKED)
  • July 14: German (BOOKED)
  • July 19 and July 21: Caribbean
  • July 28: Brazilian
  • August 2 and August 4: Mexican
  • August 9 and August 11: Southern Brunch

Weekly menus will be shared on the Facebook pages for TSTC in Waco and the Great W. Watson Culinary Arts Center. To reserve a seat at the restaurant, please email [email protected].

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