Breaking News: Fentanyl Trafficking Bill Finally Approved After 3-Year Push

COLUMBIA, S.C. – After three years of persistent advocacy by parents and loved ones, the Fentanyl Trafficking Bill, also known as House Bill 3503, has received approval and is moving forward. The bill was passed this Wednesday in Columbia and now awaits the signature of Governor Henry McMaster.

This significant legislation will enable the state to criminalize the trafficking of Fentanyl, a provision that was previously absent from South Carolina’s legal framework.

According to the bill, individuals involved in the trafficking of this dangerous substance may face imprisonment ranging from 7 to 40 years, depending on factors such as the quantity of Fentanyl involved and any prior offenses.

Furthermore, an amendment was included by senators, stipulating even harsher penalties for those caught trafficking the drug while possessing a firearm.

Holly Alsobrooks, who tragically lost her son Cody to Fentanyl in 2020, established the awareness group “Fentanyl Kills U.” Following the passage of the bill, she issued the following statement:

Fentanyl Trafficking Bill Finally Approved After 3-Year Push

“We are overjoyed that the Fentanyl trafficking bill has finally been passed after a three-year effort. It is a victory tinged with sadness, knowing that many of our loved ones have lost their lives to this deadly drug.

Although we cannot bring them back, we hope that this legislation will save the lives of others. Those who distribute death on the streets of South Carolina will now face the consequences through mandatory minimum sentencing. We urge everyone to continue having conversations with their children about drugs and the perils of Fentanyl.”

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