Celebrating Birthdays at ABQ BioPark: Two Beloved Animals Turn a Year Older

Albuquerque, NM – The ABQ BioPark is buzzing with excitement as two of its cherished residents celebrate their birthdays this June. These special occasions provide a wonderful opportunity for visitors to learn more about the animals and join in the festivities.

Celebrating Jazzy the Giraffe

Jazzy’s Journey: Jazzy, a reticulated giraffe, turned 7 years old on June 10th. Born at the BioPark, Jazzy has become a favorite among visitors for her gentle demeanor and curious nature. She stands tall at 16 feet and is known for her distinctive pattern of brown patches separated by bright white lines.

Birthday Festivities: Jazzy’s birthday was marked with a special celebration in the giraffe exhibit. Keepers decorated the area with enrichment items, including a “birthday cake” made from her favorite fruits and vegetables. Visitors were treated to a giraffe-themed party complete with educational talks and feeding sessions where they could get up close and personal with Jazzy.

Keeper’s Note: “Jazzy has been with us since birth, and it’s been amazing to watch her grow and thrive here,” said lead giraffe keeper Maria Sanchez. “She’s very interactive with our guests and enjoys all the attention. Her birthday is a perfect opportunity for us to highlight giraffe conservation efforts and educate the public about these magnificent creatures.”

Honoring Bella the Elephant

Bella’s Background: Bella, an Asian elephant, celebrated her 45th birthday on June 15th. Bella arrived at the BioPark in 1981 and has since been a cornerstone of the elephant exhibit. Known for her intelligence and social nature, Bella enjoys engaging in various enrichment activities provided by her keepers.

Birthday Celebration: Bella’s birthday was celebrated with a big event in the elephant yard. She received a giant “birthday cake” made from her favorite foods, including watermelon, carrots, and hay, crafted by the zoo’s nutrition team. The event featured interactive educational stations, giving visitors insights into the life and care of Asian elephants.

Keeper’s Note: “Bella is a very special member of our zoo family,” said senior elephant keeper John Morales. “She has a gentle soul and loves interacting with both her keepers and the public. Celebrating her birthday is not only fun but also a great way to raise awareness about the plight of Asian elephants in the wild.”

Celebrating Birthdays at ABQ BioPark: Two Beloved Animals Turn a Year Older

Visitor Experience

The birthday celebrations attracted a large number of visitors who were eager to join in the fun and festivities. Children participated in themed crafts and games, while families enjoyed guided tours and special keeper talks.

“I’ve been bringing my kids to the BioPark for years, and we love seeing Jazzy and Bella,” said local resident Samantha Lee. “It’s wonderful to celebrate their birthdays and learn more about their lives and the important conservation work the zoo does.”

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Educational and Conservation Efforts

The ABQ BioPark uses these birthday celebrations to emphasize its commitment to animal welfare and conservation. Educational materials and talks focused on the challenges faced by giraffes and elephants in the wild, such as habitat loss and poaching. The BioPark also highlighted its involvement in various conservation programs aimed at protecting these species.

“Events like these are not just about celebration, but also about education,” said BioPark Director Dr. Steve Johnson. “We hope that by connecting our visitors with our animals, we can inspire a deeper understanding and commitment to wildlife conservation.”

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