Construction Set to Begin on Los Lunas Boulevard This Fall

Los Lunas is gearing up for a significant infrastructure project as construction on the much-anticipated Los Lunas Boulevard is slated to begin this fall.

Project Overview

The new Los Lunas Boulevard project aims to enhance traffic flow, improve safety, and support economic growth in the area. This vital infrastructure initiative is expected to provide a modern, efficient roadway that meets the growing needs of the Los Lunas community.

Timeline and Phases

Construction is scheduled to commence in early October, with the project divided into multiple phases to minimize disruption. Initial work will focus on clearing and grading, followed by the installation of utilities and roadbed preparation. Subsequent phases will see the paving of the boulevard, installation of traffic signals, and landscaping.

Community Benefits

The new boulevard promises numerous benefits for Los Lunas residents. Improved traffic flow and reduced congestion are primary goals, enhancing the daily commute for many. Additionally, the project is expected to attract new businesses and investments, bolstering the local economy and creating job opportunities.

Construction Set to Begin on Los Lunas Boulevard This Fall

Funding and Support

The Los Lunas Boulevard project is backed by a combination of local and state funding. Support from the community and government officials has been crucial in moving the project forward. Mayor Griego expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “This project is a significant step toward improving our infrastructure and supporting our community’s growth and prosperity.”

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Traffic Management

During construction, temporary traffic management measures will be in place to ensure safety and minimize inconvenience for drivers. Detours and clear signage will guide motorists around the construction zones, and regular updates will be provided to keep the community informed about progress and any changes to traffic patterns.

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