Couple Faces Federal Charges for $10,000 Theft from Isleta Business

ALBUQUERQUE — A Los Lunas couple, Frank Joe Hernandez, 43, and Eva Ann Hernandez, 45, have been indicted on federal charges for allegedly stealing over $10,000 from a business on the Isleta Pueblo in February 2023.

The indictment states that on February 4, 2023, the couple traveled to Chical Haystack and entered the business together.

Eva acted as a lookout near the cash register while Frank allegedly went to the business office and stole approximately $10,410.30 in cash and a check from the safe. They then left the business together. As confirmed by the sources news-bulletin

Both Frank and Eva Hernandez face one count each of conspiracy to commit larceny over $1,000 and larceny over $1,000.

Following their arrest, a federal judge ordered Frank to be detained until his trial, while Eva was released with conditions, including a ban on entering the Isleta Pueblo.

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The case highlights the coordinated effort between the couple and the significant amount of money involved.

The investigation is ongoing, and further details may emerge as the case proceeds to trial.

This incident underscores the importance of security measures for businesses and the vigilance of federal authorities in addressing theft and conspiracy crimes.

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