Georgia Law Enforcement Training Doubles to Enhance Officer Preparedness

ATLANTA, Ga. (Atlanta News First) – Georgia is set to overhaul its law enforcement training curriculum, doubling the minimum required training hours from 408 to 800.

This significant update, endorsed by the Georgia Peace Officer Standards & Training Council, aims to equip officers with contemporary skills and knowledge, marking the first major curriculum revision since 2006. As per to the source wctv

“Back in 2006, the first iPhone wasn’t even out, and cyber security training was non-existent,” said Deputy Director Chris Harvey. “School shootings were still a relatively new concept.”

The revamped curriculum, adding approximately 400 extra hours, will now include crisis intervention, defensive tactics, school shooter scenarios, and implicit bias training.

While many metro Atlanta agencies already require over 800 hours of training, this update ensures uniformity across Georgia’s 1100+ law enforcement agencies.

“We want every basic police officer in Georgia to have the same foundational skills,” Harvey emphasized. “They need to be ready to handle a range of situations from day one, whether it’s a school shooting, violent crime, or domestic violence.”

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The expanded 20-week academy training will offer more hands-on experiences, preparing officers for real-world scenarios they might encounter immediately after graduation.

The initiative underscores the commitment to a higher standard of policing across the state.

The new training requirements will take effect on January 1. Law enforcement agencies statewide are collaborating to develop comprehensive lesson plans that align with the updated curriculum.

This change represents a proactive step towards better-prepared officers and enhanced public safety in Georgia, ensuring that all new officers are equipped with the necessary skills to protect and serve their communities effectively.

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