Gov. Abbott Applauds Arrest of Texas’ Most Wanted Migrant

Texas Governor Greg Abbott celebrated the arrest of Victor Hugo Chox Gonzalez, the top suspect on the state’s new most wanted illegal immigrants list.

Chox Gonzalez, 38, was apprehended in Fort Worth and booked into Tarrant County Jail on June 13. He faces charges of aggravated sexual assault of a child and sexual abuse of a child. Find the source at thepubportperry

On June 5, Governor Abbott, a staunch advocate for stringent border control, released the list of Texas’ 10 most wanted illegal immigrants, advising the public not to engage the fugitives as they are considered armed and dangerous.

Following the arrest, Abbott took to social media, stating, “Texas has caught the most wanted illegal immigrant. He is now behind bars in Tarrant Co. We continue our search for the other most wanted man.”

Chox Gonzalez, originally from Mexico, has a lengthy criminal history in the U.S., with ties to Pantego and Arlington in Tarrant County.

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His offenses date back nearly a decade, including a 2016 conviction for drunk driving with a child under 15 and assault on a family member, leading to his deportation the same year.

Despite his deportation, Chox Gonzalez re-entered the U.S. and continued his criminal activities. In 2021, he was arrested again in Tarrant County on charges of assault and making false statements to authorities, but he was released on bail.

Later that year, warrants were issued for his arrest, and in 2022, Arlington police issued new warrants for aggravated sexual assault of a child and indecent exposure to a child.

The arrest was a result of diligent investigative efforts and numerous tips received by DPS special agents, though no reward will be offered due to the nature of the investigation.

Texas Crime Stoppers, funded by the Governor’s Office of Public Safety, offers cash rewards for information leading to the capture of other fugitives on the most wanted list.

The public is encouraged to continue providing tips on other fugitives through the Crime Stoppers Hotline or the DPS website, emphasizing the vital role of community involvement in maintaining safety and security.

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