Gunfire Erupts Again in Youngstown, Shell Casings Litter East Side

YOUNGSTOWN, OH – For the second time in less than three days, Youngstown police are investigating a shooting that left shell casings scattered across a neighborhood.

Just after midnight, a resident reported hearing between fifty and sixty gunshots along Garland Avenue, just north of Shehy Street, on the city’s East Side.

Responding officers discovered numerous spent shell casings from both a pistol and a rifle at the intersection as confirmed by the source wfmj

Thankfully, no injuries were reported, but a nearby car was heavily damaged. The vehicle’s roof and door were punctured, and its rear window was shattered.

This incident follows closely on the heels of another shooting just two nights prior, where an 18-year-old girl was shot on Glenwood Avenue.

In that case, nearly 100 shell casings were found in a parking lot, and the YPD’s Shotspotter system recorded 131 rounds fired during the murder. The frequency and intensity of these shootings have left the community on edge.

Residents are growing increasingly concerned about the surge in violence. “It’s alarming to see this level of gunfire in our neighborhood,” said one local resident who wished to remain anonymous. “We worry for our safety and the safety of our children.”

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Police are intensifying patrols in the area and urging anyone with information to come forward. “We need the community’s help to put an end to this violence,” said a spokesperson for the Youngstown Police Department.

“If anyone has any information, no matter how small it may seem, please contact us.”

The recent spike in gun violence has prompted local authorities to consider additional measures to enhance security.

Community leaders are also calling for a town hall meeting to discuss strategies to combat the escalating situation and to provide residents with a platform to voice their concerns.

As investigations continue, the Youngstown Police Department remains committed to restoring peace and ensuring the safety of all residents.

The department is working closely with community leaders and residents to address the root causes of the violence and to find long-term solutions.

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