Kristi Noem Denies Formal Vetting for Trump’s VP, Focuses on Winning Strategy

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem clarified on Sunday that she has not undergone formal vetting to potentially become former President Donald Trump’s running mate in the upcoming election cycle.

Speaking on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Noem emphasized that the decision ultimately rests with Trump alone.

Despite previous speculation and her suggestion that a female running mate could benefit Trump in swing states, Noem affirmed that the selection should prioritize the candidate who can best support a victory. As per to the source Yahoo

Trump’s vice presidential search has reportedly narrowed to three Republican men: Senators Marco Rubio and JD Vance, along with North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum.

Burgum, in a separate interview, expressed confidence in Trump’s candidacy independent of his running mate’s influence on voter turnout.

Noem, once considered a frontrunner for the VP spot, faced criticism earlier this year over controversial anecdotes in her memoir, including a disputed claim about meeting North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

She opted not to elaborate further on these issues during her recent interview.

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Regarding abortion policies, which differ from Trump’s stance, Noem defended South Dakota’s stringent laws while emphasizing Trump’s support for state-level decision-making on the issue.

On the contentious topic of Jan. 6 rioter pardons, Noem echoed Trump’s position that each case should be assessed individually based on presidential prerogative.

As speculation continues surrounding Trump’s choice for vice president, Noem’s statements highlight her ongoing role in Republican politics and her alignment with Trump on key issues despite differences in policy nuances.

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