Lubbock Lawyer Elected President of Texas Criminal Defense Group

Lubbock defense attorney David Guinn has been sworn in as the 53rd president of the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association (TCDLA), the nation’s largest and oldest statewide professional organization for criminal defense attorneys.

Guinn, a partner at Hurley, Guinn, Singh & VonGonten, has extensive experience representing clients in both state and federal courts.

Guinn becomes the sixth Lubbock lawyer to lead the TCDLA, following notable predecessors such as George Gilkerson, Clifford Brown, Bill Wishkaemper, Dan Hurley, and Mark Snodgrass. As per to the source texascriminaldefensegroup

“The Lubbock legal community is strong and cooperative,” Guinn stated. “Humble service to others and the mission of TCDLA is something to be taken most seriously.”

A native of Waco, Guinn graduated from Reicher Catholic High School and earned his undergraduate and law degrees from Baylor Law School.

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He started his career as an assistant district attorney in Johnson County and later served as a federal public defender, securing a landmark ruling in U.S. v. Emmerson that affirmed the Second Amendment as an individual right.

Guinn returned to private practice in 1999 and has since handled high-profile cases, including the successful defense of Bill Chrane and Eugene Fullwood in federal court.

His legal acumen and dedication have earned him a prominent reputation within the legal community.

Married for 36 years to Wendy of Mexia, Guinn has three sons and four grandchildren. His commitment to family and law reflects his deep-rooted values and dedication to justice.

As the new president of TCDLA, Guinn aims to continue advocating for the rights of the accused and enhancing the practice of criminal defense law across Texas.

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