Man Arrested for Setting Apartment Doors on Fire with Kids Inside

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Police say they arrested a man for reportedly setting fire to the doors of two apartments, one of which had children inside.

On June 3, police were called to Soulsville to help a person who was armed. The person who was hurt told the police that Andrew Hence had set fire to the door to his flat.

According to reports, Hench told the cops that he did the crime. The victim said that Hence had been shooting off fireworks in the yard and saying, “I can do whatever I want.” I’ll burn this piece of crap.” Soon after, the victim’s children started yelling, “Fire!”

The victim was able to put out the fire and leave the apartment, cops say. When he went outside, he saw that the door to his mother’s room was on fire, too. He put it out and called the cops.

Soho was seen going away with a red container that looked like a gas can. He was arrested and given a charge of Aggravated Arson. He will go to court on Monday morning.

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