New Drug Recovery Center Sparks Concerns in Albuquerque Neighborhood

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A new drug recovery center set to open in Albuquerque’s Fair West neighborhood has residents worried.

The non-profit “State of the Heart Recovery” is moving into the old Barber College building, sparking fears about increased foot traffic and safety issues as per to the sources covered by Yahoo

“It’s an amazingly wonderful neighborhood and I would hate to see it teeter into something that is tainted,” said Katherine Turner, Vice President of the Fair West Neighborhood Association.

Residents near Lomas and San Pedro are concerned about the new center’s impact on their community. Watch the full video covered by YouTube.

The recovery center, which will not dispense methadone, will offer services such as a rage room, escape room, and therapy options. Despite these supportive services, Turner and others are worried about the potential for loitering and other issues stemming from clients’ associates who are still struggling with addiction.

Residents cite problems seen at other State of the Heart locations, including a nearby methadone clinic where issues like drug sales, loitering, and an overdose death have occurred.

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“There are a lot of problems with loitering, drug sales, there was a death, an overdose death outside one of the business owners back doors,” Turner explained.

Turner previously asked the non-profit to encourage clients to respect the neighborhood and its landmarks, such as the historic Microsoft headquarters, but was told this was not feasible.

“If he can’t have them be respectful of a historic monument, how is he going to make them be respectful of our neighborhood?” she questioned.

State of the Heart Recovery has not responded to KRQE News 13’s requests for comment. The new clinic is scheduled to open on July 1.

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