Rabid Fox Bites Alabama Woman: Vets Urge Pet Vaccinations

A recent incident in Atmore, Alabama, has prompted the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) to reiterate the importance of rabies prevention in pets.

As per to the source wbrc A woman was bitten by a rabid fox while unloading groceries from her car. Fortunately, the animal was captured and tested positive for rabies, allowing for prompt medical intervention for the woman.

While uncommon, this incident highlights the ongoing public health threat posed by rabies. In Alabama, raccoons and bats are the primary carriers of rabies, readily transmitting the fatal viral disease to pets, and potentially humans, through bites.

Dr. Dee Jones, State Public Health Veterinarian, emphasizes the critical role of pet vaccinations in mitigating this risk.

“Even indoor pets are susceptible,” explains Dr. Jones. “We routinely receive reports of bats entering homes. Regardless of an animal’s typical environment, vaccination is essential.”

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The ADPH urges pet owners to maintain their pets’ rabies vaccinations as mandated by state law. Additionally, they recommend keeping pets leashed or confined in fenced areas, eliminating leftover pet food outdoors, and avoiding contact with wild animals.

In the event of an animal bite, immediate medical attention is paramount. The ADPH investigates approximately 6,000-7,000 animal bites annually. A positive rabies test in a biting animal necessitates further investigation by the department.

This recent event serves as a timely reminder for pet owners to prioritize rabies vaccination for their animals, safeguarding both pet and public health.

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