New Mexico Tanker Truck Swept Away by Flash Floods

A harrowing video emerged online this week, capturing the dramatic moment a tanker truck was swept away by flash floods in Ruidoso, New Mexico. The incident, which occurred on Sunday, June 30th, 2024, on U.S. Route 70, highlights the dangers posed by sudden and powerful floodwaters.

The footage, shared by Instagram user therealfitfamelpaso, shows a terrifying display of nature’s raw power. The raging floodwaters can be seen violently surging across the roadway, carrying debris and mud in their path.

As per to the official sources cdllife The tanker truck, caught in the current, is instantly jackknifed, its wheels struggling for traction against the rushing water.

According to local officials, the recent wildfires that ravaged Ruidoso significantly contributed to the severity of the flooding.

Wildfires can leave behind scorched earth with reduced water infiltration capacity, leading to increased surface runoff and flash floods during heavy rainfall events.

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Thankfully, reports indicate that the truck driver emerged from the ordeal unharmed. The video captures bystanders watching the scene unfold, a testament to the awe-inspiring yet destructive power of floodwaters.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of flood safety measures. Motorists are urged to never attempt to drive through flooded roadways, as even seemingly shallow water can be deceptively powerful.

Staying informed about weather alerts and avoiding travel during periods of heavy rain or flash flood warnings can significantly reduce the risk of encountering such dangerous situations.

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