Ruidoso Downs Racehorses Evacuated to Expo New Mexico Amid Wildfire Threat

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Due to a raging wildfire, Ruidoso Downs, a premier New Mexico horse racing venue, has been forced to evacuate.

Hundreds of prized racehorses are being relocated across the state, with Expo New Mexico in Albuquerque ready to accommodate up to 1,100 horses.

Juan Carlos Gonzalez of Gonzalez Racing Company Inc. initially debated evacuation but decided swiftly as smoke engulfed the area. “In a matter of 15 minutes, you could smell the smoke,” Gonzalez said. As per to the source Yahoo

With 16 horses, he returned to El Paso, while other trainers faced the daunting task of moving 80 to 100 horses at once.

Logistical challenges include securing trailers, water buckets, feed tubs, and hay. Ismael Trejo, Executive Director of the New Mexico Racing Commission, confirmed that many horses have already been relocated to various racetracks across the state.

Expo New Mexico is playing a crucial role, offering its resources to house and care for the evacuated horses. “Whether you have livestock or yourselves, we don’t care.

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If you’re in need, we will take care of you up here,” said Dan Mourning, General Manager of Expo New Mexico and New Mexico State Fair.

While at Expo, the horses can continue their training to maintain racing form.

The facility promises to provide feed and other supplies as long as needed. Upcoming races and concerts at Ruidoso Downs have been canceled due to the evacuation.

Officials, including Homeland Security and the New Mexico State Police, have coordinated the horse transfers. To assist with evacuations, people can contact the Agro Guard hotline at 575-646-9191.

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