Texas Couple Surrenders Newborn Baby at Medical Supply Store: A Surprising Twist!

PLANO, Texas – A couple from Texas surrendered their newborn baby to employees at a medical supply store, stating that the mother was unaware of her pregnancy.

Angela Owens, an employee at Hieline Mobility Solutions, initially mistook the teenage boy who entered the store around 2 p.m. on Wednesday as a regular customer. However, when he mentioned that his girlfriend and baby needed assistance, Owens rushed outside, assuming the child was in distress.

Upon opening the passenger door of the car, Owens discovered a young girl cradling a newborn baby wrapped in a towel. The parents claimed that the baby was only one hour old, and the mother revealed that she had no prior knowledge of her pregnancy.

While on a call with 911, Owens helped tie the umbilical cord using a string. Tabatha Peri, another employee at the Plano medical supply store, fetched a wheelchair to assist, but the mother opted to remain in the vehicle.

Both Owens and Peri, who are mothers themselves, empathized with the teenage couple’s fear and shock. They explained the Safe Haven process to the parents, instructing them on how to surrender the baby at a designated location.

Concerned that the couple might not reach a Safe Haven spot, Owens decided to accept the child herself. She described the emotional moment, mentioning that the baby exhibited signs of hunger and attempted to suckle on her fist.

The baby was promptly taken to the hospital and is reported to be in good condition. The police express their gratitude to the store employees for their assistance.

Police located the couple and ensured that the mother received post-birth medical treatment. The investigation is ongoing as authorities determine whether the couple followed Texas’ Safe Haven Law and if any charges will be filed.

Both Owens and Peri hope that the couple will not face legal consequences, believing they made the right decision. They commend the couple for seeking help, acknowledging that it is not always the case.

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Under Texas’ Safe Haven Law, also known as the Baby Moses Law, infants under 60 days old can be taken to any hospital or fire station in the state. The child must be handed directly to someone and not left unattended outside. Over the past five years, 175 children have been surrendered statewide through this program.

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