UNM Senior’s Zozobra Artwork Marks Centennial Celebration

A senior at the University of New Mexico (UNM), Jessica Knox, is set to leave her mark on the historic 100th anniversary of Santa Fe’s Zozobra.

Knox’s artistic creation, a poster featuring nine unique interpretations of Zozobra spanning different decades, has been selected as a centerpiece for this year’s event.

Her design, which took two months to complete, showcases the evolution of Zozobra over the years and will be prominently displayed on the event’s website and at ticketing locations. As per to the source Yahoo

“This year, since it’s the 100th anniversary of Zozobra, I created nine distinct Zozobras from the decades project, each representing a different era from Zozobra’s history,” Knox explained.

Notably, the celebration coincides with Knox’s 21st birthday, adding an extra layer of significance to her involvement.

Knox, who has participated in the Zozobra artist creation contest multiple times, expressed her excitement and pride in being selected as one of the ten winners this year.

Her artwork not only celebrates a century of Zozobra but also highlights her talent and dedication to capturing the essence of this iconic New Mexican tradition.

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As preparations for the centennial Zozobra continue, Knox’s poster serves as a tribute to the enduring legacy and cultural significance of this beloved event in Santa Fe.

Her contribution underscores the intersection of art, history, and community celebration that defines Zozobra each year.

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