Whistleblower Reveals Alleged Corruption in Albuquerque Police DWI Unit

Albuquerque, NM — Jaden Brown, a 21-year-old University of New Mexico student, exposed alleged corruption within the Albuquerque Police Department’s DWI unit, leading to a federal investigation.

Brown, who was pulled over for DUI in April 2022, reported a scheme where officers and a lawyer allegedly offered to dismiss charges for a hefty fee.

Brown detailed how Officer Joshua Montaño arrested him for DUI and possession of mushrooms but promised to waive the drug charge.

Later, a paralegal linked to lawyer Thomas Clear demanded $10,000 to make the charges disappear. Feeling suspicious, Brown tipped off the FBI. As per to the sources covered by citydesk

The investigation gained traction in January 2024 when federal agents raided the homes of Montaño and colleagues, revealing a potential network of corruption.

This validation came after Brown shared his story with the FBI in summer 2023, feeling vindicated when the news broke.

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Multiple officers, including Montaño, resigned amid internal probes. APD’s spokesperson confirmed the internal investigation is ongoing, with Chief Harold Medina learning of the allegations only after the FBI’s search warrants were executed.

Brown, who faced personal setbacks due to the charges, now sees hope for justice. His brave actions have sparked a thorough investigation, aiming to uncover and address corruption within the police department.

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