Albuquerque’s Fireworks Fizzel: Residents Light Up the Sky with Few Consequences

Albuquerque’s nighttime skies erupt in a cacophony of color and noise every Fourth of July, but a recent investigation by Target 7 reveals a surprising truth – there’s little stopping residents from lighting illegal fireworks. This means the dazzling displays that some adore and others dread may continue unabated.

The city has a clear ordinance in place. Fireworks that shoot into the air and noisy ground-based devices are strictly prohibited. Sparklers and low-level “spinners” are allowed, but lighting up the night with aerial fireworks is a violation.

As covered by koat Residents are encouraged to report illegal fireworks by calling 311, but enforcement seems to be lacking. Over 1,258 complaints were filed last Independence Day, yet there’s no record of citations or arrests.

Legal expert John Day explains the potential consequences – a misdemeanor charge, a possible 90-day jail sentence, and a fine reaching $500 for repeat offenders.

This lack of enforcement creates a confusing situation. Albuquerque residents are left wondering: is the ordinance just a suggestion, or will they face real penalties for setting off illegal fireworks?

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With the Fourth of July approaching, this unanswered question might lead to another night of booming celebrations and frustrated neighbors.

The lack of enforcement also raises concerns about public safety. Illegal fireworks can cause fires, property damage, and injuries. They can also startle pets and disrupt veterans suffering from PTSD. Albuquerque’s hands-off approach to fireworks enforcement may be putting its residents at risk.

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