Top 10 Burglar Busted: APD Nabs Antique Store Bandit After Months-Long Crime Spree

Albuquerque’s “Top 10 Burglary Offender List” has shrunk by one. Police apprehended David Johnson, 55, on Monday, putting an end to a burglary spree that plagued the city’s antique stores and other businesses for months.

As per Yahoo Johnson allegedly embarked on his criminal spree in October 2023, targeting a diverse range of establishments. While his focus seemed to be on high-value items like antiques, detectives believe he also hit stores like a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gym, raising questions about his motives and the types of goods he sought.

Throughout his spree, which lasted until June 2024, he allegedly hit a number of well-known local shops including Old Town Antiques, U Neek Findings, and Lil’s Collectables. Authorities haven’t released details on what he stole from the gym, but its inclusion on the list hints at a possible shift in tactics or perhaps a desperate attempt to offload stolen goods for quick cash.

Thanks to the combined efforts of alert witnesses and meticulous detective work, Johnson now faces a hefty list of charges. These include multiple counts of larceny, criminal damage to property, and receiving stolen property.

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The total value of the stolen goods remains undetermined, but given Johnson’s focus on often-expensive antiques and the sheer number of businesses he targeted, authorities believe it’s significant.

Johnson is currently in custody awaiting his next court date. His arrest is a relief for the business owners he victimized and hopefully serves as a deterrent to other would-be burglars.

The investigation into Johnson’s crime spree also highlights the importance of citizen cooperation. Witness statements, along with detective work, were instrumental in bringing Johnson to justice. This case serves as a reminder that communities working together with law enforcement can significantly reduce crime.

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