Coyote Sightings Rise in the Bronx: Experts Urge Caution and Appreciation

Wildlife experts are reporting an increase in coyote sightings in the Bronx this spring, as the warmer months bring these adaptable animals out in greater numbers.

Chris Nagy, co-founder of the Gotham Coyote Project, has been studying eastern coyotes as they expand their territory into New York City. As per the sources nbcrightnow

Using digital cameras with motion sensors tied to trees, Nagy captures images of any animal that passes by, providing valuable data on coyote activity. “Any animal, a squirrel-sized or bigger, will trigger the camera,” Nagy explained.

In most Bronx parks, a pair of coyotes can typically be found. Nagy advises residents to observe these animals from a safe distance if they come across a coyote den.

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“It can be very cool. I hope people think of it as cool rather than frightening,” he said. “These are wonderfully adapted animals that can survive here on their own.”

Coyotes are capable of finding enough food in urban environments, but if resources become scarce, they will move to new areas. This adaptability is a testament to their resilience and intelligence.

While some may find the presence of coyotes alarming, Nagy encourages the public to appreciate these animals as a fascinating part of the local ecosystem.

As coyote sightings continue to rise, residents are reminded to maintain a respectful distance and enjoy the unique opportunity to observe these remarkable creatures in their natural habitat.

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