Texas Mom’s Death: Police Suspect Staged Suicide and Foul Play

Giselle Tapia-Salazar, a 30-year-old mother of four, was found dead, hanging from a dock on May 31 in League City, Texas.

Her death is now being investigated as suspected foul play, with police suspecting it was staged to look like a suicide.

League City Police have identified two persons of interest in the case, believing Tapia-Salazar was killed before being positioned at the dock.

“Because of the position of her arm, we believe she probably passed away somewhere else,” said Lieutenant Eric Cox. As per to the sources Yahoo

Tapia-Salazar was discovered near her boyfriend’s boat, where she had been living.

Her boyfriend, James Hart, expressed his devastation, stating, “This is the worst thing that has ever happened to me. I want justice for Giselle and for myself.”

A neighbor, Christian Allen, found Tapia-Salazar’s body partially submerged in water, noting an awkward arm position indicative of being moved post-mortem.

Allen expressed his disbelief at the initial suicide theory and his concern for safety in the community.

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Authorities are awaiting an official cause of death. Meanwhile, Tapia-Salazar’s brother, Nathan Paz, has started a GoFundMe to cover funeral expenses and support her four children, describing her as “the most charismatic person you could ever meet.”

The investigation continues as police work to uncover the truth behind Tapia-Salazar’s tragic death.

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