Rep. Garret Graves Steps Down Amid Supreme Court Redistricting Ruling

Louisiana Republican Garret Graves announced Friday he will not seek re-election following a contentious redistricting battle decided by the Supreme Court. Graves, first elected in 2014, cited the redistricting changes as a key factor in his decision.

“Running for Congress this year does not make sense,” Graves stated, emphasizing the disruption and unfairness to Louisiana voters due to shifting district lines. As per to the sources Yahoo

The Supreme Court’s recent ruling mandates a second majority-Black district in Louisiana, altering existing districts, including Graves’.

Graves had previously expressed confidence in his re-election bid, asserting the unity of his community.

However, the redistricting outcome has now led him to step aside, marking a significant shift in his political career.

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Serving on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and the Natural Resources Committee, Graves played a crucial role in raising the debt ceiling last year, earning a reputation as a pragmatic legislator.

His departure is noted as a loss by former Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who credited Graves’ efforts during critical legislative negotiations.

Graves’ announcement adds to a growing list of House Republicans opting not to seek re-election, reflecting broader changes within the party and the House of Representatives.

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