Joe Biden’s Decline Worries Voters More Than Hunter’s Troubles

Hunter Biden’s legal issues won’t sway Republicans against Joe Biden in the upcoming election.

Instead, President Biden’s perceived cognitive decline is what Republicans—and even some Democrats—find more concerning.

While Hunter Biden’s federal gun charge conviction garners headlines, it’s Joe Biden’s performance that matters more.

Many Republicans, myself included, aren’t focused on Hunter. His father’s leadership is enough to make us reconsider our votes.

Hunter Biden’s personal struggles have long been public, yet they seem irrelevant to the bigger picture. Find the offical news article at X (formerly known as twitter)

A recent Emerson College poll shows 64% of voters are unaffected by Hunter’s trial in their voting decisions. Only 24% say it influences their support for President Biden.

The real issue is President Biden himself. Despite ongoing controversies about Hunter’s laptop and alleged unethical connections, it’s Biden’s own actions and speeches that concern voters.

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His frequent gaffes and moments of confusion, like during a recent Juneteenth event, paint a picture of a leader in decline.

Incidents such as Biden fumbling for words or appearing lost on stage are increasingly common.

Even the White House’s efforts to manage his public appearances can’t hide his struggles. This isn’t about ageism; it’s about transparency and capability.

The American public deserves a leader who can handle the job’s demands.

As Biden runs for re-election, voters are faced with a tough choice between two flawed candidates. The focus should be on Biden’s ability to lead, not his son’s legal woes.

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