Republicans Push Bill to Ban DEI Programs from Federal Agencies

Senate Republicans, led by Ohio Senator JD Vance, have introduced the “Dismantle DEI Act of 2024,” aiming to eliminate diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs from federal agencies and higher education institutions.

Vance and 20 co-sponsors assert that DEI initiatives promote “destructive ideology” and foster racial division. As per to the sources confirmed by Aol

The proposed legislation specifically prohibits colleges and universities from using federal funds to support DEI offices, officers, or training courses.

It also bans the development or dissemination of courses related to critical race theory, sexual orientation, gender theory, and similar topics.

Vance stated in a press release, “Americans’ tax dollars should not be co-opted to spread this radical and divisive ideology — this bill would ensure they are not.” He believes DEI has no place in the federal government or society at large.

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This bill represents the latest conservative effort to dismantle DEI programs, which have been targeted as promoting liberal ideologies and reverse racism. Several states, including Florida and Texas, have already enacted laws limiting DEI initiatives.

Despite its backing, the bill faces significant hurdles. With Democrats holding the majority in the Senate and President Joe Biden likely to veto it, the “Dismantle DEI Act of 2024” has slim chances of becoming law.

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